Icelandic Singer Björk to Release New Album Biophilia as 10 iPad Apps

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By Maura on Jun 6, 2011 at 8:25 AM
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    [ame=]YouTube - björk - road to crystalline[/ame]​

    It’s fascinating to see how quickly the artistic and music community embraces new technology such as the iPad, and also to see what types of artists are the most enthusiastic about what such devices can add to their art. When The Guardian reported this weekend that ground-breaking Icelandic singer and actress Björk was planning to release her next record, Biophilia, as 10 separate iPad apps, it came as no surprise whatsoever. Always innovative and thinking outside the box, the iPad is just perfect for Björk. A marriage made in heaven, I would say! And as the Guardian so brilliantly puts it, Björk has always seemed like an artist that has been waiting for technology to catch up with her, and now it finally has.

    According to the Guardian piece, the advent of the iPad last year proved to be the “catalyst†for Björk’s seventh album, the forthcoming Biophilia (which means “love of life or living systemsâ€). Aside from being released on good-old-fashioned CD, the Guardian describes how Biophilia will be released as an “app album†with a live multimedia premier event at the Manchester International Festival (MIF) in the UK from June 30th to July 16th. You can hear a tiny teaser snippet of the first single from the project, Crystalline, in the video above.

    Biophilia’s 10 apps will all be tied together within a central “mother†app, according to The Guardian, with each of the smaller apps being linked to various tracks on the album, so that fans can interact with the song and explore further. The apps will also be designed to evolve and grow after release, with new elements being made available, much like iOS games get regular free updates, one would imagine. As an example, a song called Virus will show cells being attacked by a virus, to indicate “A kind of love story between a virus and a cell,†according to Scott Snibbe, the interactive artist who Björk commissioned to develop the app and the images for the performance.

    Click on the link below to learn more. Cannot wait for this, sounds amazing!

    Manchester International Festival 2011: Björk's Biophilia | Culture | The Guardian


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 6, 2011.

    1. Wreybies
      Björk rocks the very foundations of the Earth! The elder Norse gods sit in obeisance when she takes her mighty microphone into hand and sings new portions of the Universe into being from the nothingness. She is the opening act at Ragnarök and the Rainbow Bridge leads to the afterparty at her house.

      Of course it would be her! :D
    2. tozol
      funny story....I bought her famous album on one single listen in a record store back in the day...and for me who listens to anything from classical to Kylie lol...just blew me away..went up to the counter and bought it after 3 tracks...a brilliant album.

      good to see her doing this.

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