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    I am a long-time Mac user, but I am new to the iPad, and I hope that you folks can help me. I have all of my appointments in iCal, and these are housed on MoblieMe server so I can access them from any computer, and I have never had a problem with this. However, I have found that when I turn on my iPad and go to iCal, my events are not there. Now, once my iPad can find a WiFi signal, everything comes back, but this is a big hassle. Why can't my iPad just keep all of the info on iCal when there is no signal? My computer does this just fine.

    I am sure that it is not a problem with the iPad but rather with the way I have set it up with iCal and MobileMe. However, I need some help undoing the damage. Can any of you fine people tell me how to fix this?
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    Ok, several things that need checked, and/or changed, because the Calendar app on the iPad should store your events locally when not on the network.

    But let's start with the simplest. Have you tried restarting your iPad. Hold down the power button until the red off slider appears, and slide it. After if finishes shutting down press the power button until the Apple logo appears. Just like computers, rebooting often fixes strange problems. If that does not work, continue:

    With the iPad connected, in iTunes select your iPad under Devices then go to the Info tab. Nothing should be selected here, especially calendars. There should be a note in the calendar sync settings saying your are syncing via MobileMe.

    Open System Preferences on your Mac, choose MobileMe, and go to the sync tab. Make sure calendars is selected.

    If these two things were ok, or fixing them does not help, go to the iPad under Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and double check your settings for the Calendar.

    You can also try deleting and then re-adding the MobileMe account here. Sometimes that fixes things. Be sure to let it remove all events when you delete it, or they will duplicate when you add it again. Less drastic but possible just as effective, turn off the calendar syncing and then turn it on again.

    Another thing to check. Are you migrated to the new MobileMe calendars?
    MobileMe: How do I know if I'm using the old or new MobileMe Calendar?

    Hope that helps.
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