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    <Note: This is a cross-post from another forum, so please ignore if you've already read this.>
    With version 2 of iAnnotate Branchfire/Aji decided to drop the feature that allowed you to set toolbar transparency, something that worked beautifully before.

    As you cant make the right toolbar transparent any more, the problem is that you now have to go through 2 extra swipes every time you want to use a tool on the right toolbar - one swipe to bring up the toolbar to choose the tool you want, and then another one to hide the toolbar once you're done.

    This is a big annoyance. Many people like to make frequent annotations as they read - I personally find myself making an annotation every 6-7 lines or so. Now you need two extra swipes every few lines when you want to make an annotation. Thats several extra swipes per page...

    One alternative maybe to always keep the right toolbar visible. But this is another annoyance because the horizontal reading space is limited on relatively small tablet screens. This is especially true in portrait mode, which is what most people use while reading pdfs on the ipad (or other similar tablets). Keeping the toolbar visible annoyingly blocks the last few characters of several lines.

    Setting the toolbar transparency allowed you to avoid both these problems in version 1 because you could overlay the semi-transparent toolbar on the reading page while keeping the underlying text visible. And while I'm at it, I'll also mention that there were couple of other good features in version 1 that were removed in v2 - the ability to create a custom toolbar at the bottom, and also the ability to customize the size of each toolbar.

    They used a lot of thought, effort and insight to create these 3 features but for some unfathomable reason they later decided to yank them out. Dont get me wrong, iAnnotate is still a very good app but adding back these 3 features would make it even better...

    I've written to Branchfire asking them to add support for customizing toolbar transparency back again, but without any luck. So I'm here, calling out to passionate users and lovers of iAnnotate (like me) - if my request makes sense to you, please post here stating that you would like to see this feature added back. Then we can point Branchfire to this forum and hopefully they will add this feature back...


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