I Need A Tablet And An App That Can Handle Many Pictures And Texts

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by sichuan, Jun 23, 2014.

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    I have a friend who owns a restaurant and he offers an astounding number of sushi and sashimi dishes. It's often difficult, with so many offerings, for a server to know the ingredients of each offering and it's also difficult for the customer when he or she wants to look at and determine which offering to choose.

    The owner wants to purchase several tablets that can be used for information purposes by both the server and the customer. He wants to put 500 to 1000 pictures on the tablets, with the ability to add a descriptive text for each picture. If this can be achieved by use of the tablet alone that's fine, but each tablet will have to have the same information and he doesn't want to have to configure and at times update the pictures and text on each one individually, which would be time consuming to say the least. He also plans to place a larger monitor at the sushi bar that would display the same information, possibly on a continuous, automatic rotation. Needless to say, these tablets must be user friendly for the server and customer.

    I would appreciate it very much if someone could let me know which tablet and app would be the best for doing this. I suppose he would want a small tablet that is easy to use by both the server and the customer. He wants each observed page on the tablet to display only one picture and one description to make it easy for all involved, similar to how a digital photo album displays only one picture at a time and he wants to be able to progress from one page to the next by swiping the page, tapping the page or using an arrow embedded in the picture. I need the recommendation on a tablet for ease of use with the app.

    Thank you in advance for your time and any assistance provided.

    C. B.
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    Even the lowest end iPad can handle 500 to 1000 pictures and text. A typical picture is 1 to 3 MB; so a thousand images would only be 3 GB, at most. The smallest iPad has 16 GB of space, with aobout 14 GB available for the user (if memeory servers). Text takes up a negligable amount of space.

    The main concern is what app would work best. I can’t offer anything along those lines, but I’m seeing articles about resturants using iPads for both customers and staff, so there must be something.
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    @ Sichuan - first, I agree w/ the above concerning putting up to 1000 (or many more) images onto an iPad - memory is not an issue @ all; and photos downsized to under 1 MB look fine on the iPad (I have many that have been 're-sized' for web presentation).

    HOWEVER, the statement in bold is the important issue, i.e. how do you want to present this material, e.g. in a photo sorting app (in addition to the native Photo App on the iPad, I have My Photos, Photo-Sort, & iPhoto) - these allow putting images into albums and some minimal labeling which might not be adequate for your needs.

    Keynote (Apple's PowerPoint equivalent) would allow much more text entry next to or below the images, but for that many pics likely a pain to setup and then use in regards to quickly locating the 'slides' desired. You might want to also search the App store for databases and/or inventory programs - I have two specific ones for recipes (Paprika) and my modest basement wine collection. Bento would have been another consideration (not sure if anything has replaced this app). Finally, years ago I used HanDBase on my Palm Pilots (migrated to an old iPod) - might take a look at their website HERE - good luck! Dave :)
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