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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions - Site Assistance' started by neill.conroy, Jul 1, 2012.

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    I had my first business computer in 1980 - if anyone is a historian, that was three years before IBM released the PC to the world. The computer had a 20MB hard drive and ran a proprietary OS, with an emulation of CP/M available The box was smaller than the PC had later and it was, for the time, an excellent machine, and it was put out by Apple. It was called an Apple III and it was the predecessor to the Lisa, which preceeded the first Mac. And, for those who know something about Canada, I had it in Newfoundland! I am from there, but live now outside of Ottawa, in a place called Kanata, where I have lived since 1983.

    After some objection, I was converted to the IBM world and a strange thing called a LAN. I ran a small LAN using Novell software, which grew to a 3 site LAN with almost 200 users. I got out of the LAN business in 1995 and retired in 2002. I was a strong believer in Linux, but won an iPad 2 a few months ago and after my son fiddled with it, I had a toy to play with. I have now, one week later, consigned my Linux machine to the scrapheap and have downloaded a huge number of apps and adopted it as my new power platform. I look forward to a great time with you...

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    Hi Neill - welcome to the forum! :)

    Your history is a little bit off the mark, I'm afraid - I bought an Apple II+ in 1980 (had a floppy drive only - added a second one). The first IBM PC was released in 1981 (CHECK HERE), and not in 1983 as your post implies - just for clarification - I migrated to a PC in the mid-80s (work decision) which came w/ a hard drive, can't remember whether it was a 10 or 20MB? Hard to believe that this was 30 years ago! Dave
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    Hello and welcome to the forum! Great intro!!

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