How to import OPML to an RSS reader

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by The_Eck, Apr 7, 2011.

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    New member here, just acquired an iPad 2. New to ipad but really old guy WRT using Apples and Macs.

    On my Mac I use an RSS aggregator called Cyndicate, which has fit my needs quite well for years.

    I need suggestions of a good RSS reader for the iPad. I do not use anything Google (for philosophical reasons) but the aggregators I've seen in the App Store all seem to say that they are for Google Reader or they don't mention if one can import from a Mac app (using OPML). They all seem to require you to cut and paste the feed's URL and that's a royal PITA.

    I've tried to contact the developers of about five feeders but none have responded (questions sent on Monday Apr 4), so I'm appealing here.

    Any suggestions on a feeder app that will import OPML will be greatly appreciated.

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