How to Extend iPad Battery Life

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by lcharles, Jul 22, 2013.

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    As technology gets more advanced it seems that batteries die faster. While the iPad may have better battery life than most other Apple mobile devices, it still dies quickly. What are some ways to increase iPad battery life you may ask?

    Look no further if you want to know how to extend ipad battery life. There are a few tricks which will help you do so. First, lock the screen when you are not using it, if you plan to not use it for a few hours or more then consider turning off the power. Reducing the brightness will also save on battery power. Make sure you close apps you are not using; the more apps that are open the more power that goes to them. Ipad battery life can also be extended by turning off unnecessary notifications. Being on an app uses more battery life then just having the app open. If you are waiting for something to happen on a game or waiting for an email lock your screen or go to the home screen then check in a minute or two.


    These are the most effective ways to save on battery life. Doing most of these things I can use my Ipad, without charging or shutting it off; for two whole days and part of a third.
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    Well, virtually all of the battery suggestions made above have been available for a while in an excellent APPLE SUPPORT ARTICLE - so thanks to the OP for a nice summary - JUST another Apple suggestion quoted below to help re-calibrate the battery monitoring of the iPad so accurate reporting of battery status is maintained. :)

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    I think you should also add the rest that increase battery life even if its only a minimal effect. Every second counts

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