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    Here is the run-down of how I produce video with my iPad (and iPod)

    Doing a lot of Demos (and Beta-testing)for iPad DJ apps, I am frequently needing to make videos, often of the iPad.

    This is how I do it.

    I film with the iPod Touch 4G.
    I connect the iPod to the iPad with the camera connection kit, and transfer the video to the iPad.
    ---If this is a demo, and I need to sync a sound recording to the video, I put that recording into iTunes on my laptop, and then sync the iPad---
    If I want Titles on the video, I edit with Avid Studio(pinnacle)
    If I have filmed with the iPod in "Vertical Mode", I'll need to at least run the video thru iMovie first, so that I can rotate it into landscape. I output into 720.
    If I want to 'Zoom' in on a particular spot of the video, I use the app "Splice" (Splice also has a few titles that I may use sometimes if they fit the content)
    Lastly, i open up the video which I have output from the other app(s) in "Tilt-Shift Video" and apply the FX that it has. (This app also has some titles)

    Any combination of the titles and FX of the apps can be used to create your final product, but you should save "Zooming" and/or "contrast,color,brightness" corrections for last and output finally from those apps.

    Once output to the camera on your iPad, plug it into the laptop, grab the file, and use "handbrake" to compress the file size. Choose "iPhone and iPod Touch" and check the "web optimized" button. this will give you a small file size with no real noticeable difference in picture quality.

    Any questions or problems feel free to message me :)

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