How to avoid roaming charges

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    I do not know whether this is the right place to post but I might have an idea for those of us who travel abroad and want to avoid high roaming charges.

    I would love to have place here where I can find someone from say the UK, or France or the Netherlands or Italy or the US who could provide a prepaid SIM card with an internet flat rate in case I will visit this respective country. In some countries it might be difficult to get hold of such a sim card because one has to have a residential address or to activate the card one has to make a phone call in this country's language.

    I hope you see my point.
    (I know there are some globally working cards, but they are still a bit expensive.)

    So let me take an example. I will go to southern France this summer. I would like to get a mobile phone card to make calls and have maybe another card to put in a mobile access point to serve 3 other mobile devices with Internet access. As I searched the web I came across "lebara" for calls. I ordered online a sim card but when I wanted to have it send to me to Germany it said no, just for French residents. Luckily, one of my friends lives there, I speak French and so I got the sim card. Now for Internet access. I searched again and found SFR or so. But this time I have to go to a SFR shop, hopefully get the card and use it for my mobile access point.

    And here would kick in my idea. Let's say we have here a sticky thread where people post that they would provide all this.*
    I would decide: I want a SIM to make calls with € 10 and another card for Internet access for two weeks flat for another € 20. That's € 30. I would agree to send, say € 40, to this guy and he would mail the sim cards to my address in Germany with all the details I need to use them. And information how to top up and where to buy top up vouchers.

    This could be done for every country the user here come from.
    I would be willing to do this for Germany.

    What do you think?


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