How The iPad Has Helped Apple Gain a Foothold in the Enterprise Market

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Oct 11, 2010.

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    A really interesting article by Jonny Evans on his Computerworld Apple Holic blog today ventures that the iPad has proved, possibly somewhat surprisingly, to be Apple’s most successful attempt to date to secure a place in the enterprise market. Evans says that the iPad has well and truly busted the myth that Apple isn’t big in the corporate and enterprise world.

    Evans bases his unequivocal belief on his experiences in Geneva last week at a big corporate shindig attended by treasurers, bankers and chief financial officers. It's the sort of place, Evans says, that in the past you would not have expected to see iPads being given away in competitions, or as many iPhones as there were BlackBerrys, only this time around, that’s exactly what Evans did see. He says that it was n't just a purely cosmetic phenomenon either, and that in fact high-flying businessmen realise just as much as the rest of us the use of all that mobility and easy portability as they travel around the world on business.

    As further evidence of Apple’s growing role in the enterprise market, Evans puts forward the examples of such recent newsworthy events as Bloomberg producing an iPad app for subscribers to its financial information service, and BNP Paribas’ launch this week of its NeoLink client portal for iPad.

    Evans goes into even greater depth in the lengthy blog post, so do check it out at the link below, it makes for fascinating reading indeed.

    Source: Computerworld
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    I'm still not seeing it. What exactly do they mean by "enterprise market". I see sales guys with them in addition to their windows laptops (mostly for entertainment when traveling). I see CEOs getting them for home use. I see a few specialized apps that are pretty useful for certain "enterprise" functions, but I still dont see the iPad being adopted in masse for corporate use. An executive play-toy? Definitely.

    Companies giving away iPads doesnt sound like "enterprise" use to me.

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