How do I "trash" photos?

Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by eridge154, Mar 29, 2015.

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    i have a bunch of photos on my iPad3 that I would like to put in the trash but when I try to do this, there is no "trash" option. I believe that these are photos that I downloaded from my MacBook but I am not sure. It seems to me that any photos on my iPad should be able to be trashed. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Management of images in the iPad photo app can be confusing - albums created on the device and images transferred from a camera's SD card, downloaded from the internet, saved from emails, or obtained from cloud storage sites can be deleted on the app.

    However, if images are put on the iPad via a sync w/ iTunes from your computer, these pics cannot be deleted on the iDevice, but must be removed through a re-sync - there is plenty on the web discussing this issue, so a little googling will help - click THIS LINK for a short discussion. Good luck and post back w/ further questions. Dave :)
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    Photos synced to your iPad from your MacBook cannot be deleted directly from your iPad. To delete these photos from your iPad you'll have to connect your iPad to your MacBook and go to the album containing the photos that were synced to your iPad. Uncheck the photos you want to delete from your iPad and sync your iPad. The photos will then be deleted from your iPad.
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