Horrid Henry Gets Horrid iOS Game

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    The first Horrid Henry iOS game is finally here, and just in time for the holidays too! Released to coincide with the opening of the live action 3D film, Horrid Henry: The Movie on July 29, Horrid Henry’s Horrid App for iOS is a collection of three mini-games inspired by the family movie. The games feature familiar characters from both the movie and the three-times BAFTA-nominated CiTV series.

    In Dress Up, players get to create their own Horrid Henry scenes by dressing up three of the characters and placing them in front of various backgrounds. Flick the Bogey is based on a mischievous manoeuvre that Henry describes in the film, where he throws a water balloon at Moody Margaret and has to burst it with his yo-yo in order to soak his arch enemy. Finally, Go Giddiantus! sees Henry chasing Margaret through an environment full of traps and obstacles in the hunt for the Purple Hand logos. The app also includes an exclusive link to Henry’s official website where you can view a collection of stills from the movie.

    Click here to download the universal game for $2.99/£1.99: Horrid Henry's Horrid App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store

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