Hints Suggest that a Google Play Music iPad App is Coming Soon

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    A Google Play Music app for the iPad has been on the cars for quite a long while now, but it seems that now we’re closer than ever to that moment, according to some fresh hints. The 9to5Mac publication has published some videos where we get to see the app which functions and behaves really well on the iPad. Dom Esposito from the same publication has more details on this:

    So, as it has been revealed by the tipser, there is a development build of the app which is nearing its final form. Also, by changing the iPhone app’s “UIDeviceFamily†key from 1 to 2 within its info.plist file will provide a fully working iPad layout shown below. This could mean that there could be soon issued an update for the current iPhone in order to support the iPad, as well. Indeed, this would make more sense than releasing a separate, standalone app.

    The Google Play Music app was initially released for the iPhone back in November 2013 and launched with a free 1-month trial of its All Access radio service for new users. If there will be an iPad app, let’s hope that Google will run the same promotion.

    Source: 9to5Mac

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