Highborn HD Looking Gorgeous on iPad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 3, 2010.

By Maura on Aug 3, 2010 at 9:55 AM
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    The HD version of Jet Set Games' popular wacky iPhone turn-based strategy game has arrived on iPad for an introductory price of $2.99£1.79. If you've been looking for a quality strategy sim on your iPad, you could do a lot worse, as it's already getting rave reviews on the App Store. Well, it does come from the makers of Command & Conquer after all!

    The HD version of the game features high-resolution artwork and re-designed maps, and all of it wrapped up with Highborn's trademarked wit and colourful characters. Gameplay switched between two different types of strategy game, with players moving forces around on an overhead map to secure spells and combat support, before diving into 3D combat to use the advantages you've gained against the enemy.

    The game is designed to be pick-up-and-play, and players can unlock hero characters as they make their way through the game, giving them access to different abilities and play styles. There are also over 20 single-player and multiplayer achievements to unlock, such as judicious use of turns, using units as bait, and making it through an entire mission without capturing support structures.


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 3, 2010.

    1. Maura
    2. Azieser
      I bought this game and it is amazing to play. It has taken up a lot of my free time, plus I love battling my friends in multi-player as well. Highly recommended.
    3. Hasty
      It's the humour I like but uncertain how quickly it could get stale.
      Played the phone version so happy to give it a try.

      Only "Archie".......yeucht!
    4. Gerrik
      How to beat the last map **SPOILER**

      The final map of Highborn is pretty difficult and took me several tries. I won't say this is the only way, but ultimately it did work for me. Couple of general tips. You're playing with all three of your heros with this map (Archie, Trillian and Enzo). If one of the dies, you lose everything and have to restart the mission. Therefore, if possible, save your Hero moves for last when it's your turn and DON'T set a checkpoint (basically a Save) after. That way, if a Hero gets mobbed and dies, you can change your moves just for that last turn.

      OK, so the key to winning is to close the four gates as quickly as possible, otherwise you will buried in ever-spawning from the other dimension. To close a gate, you must capture the town that is closest to it (each surrounded by two enemy towers). To do that, send most of your forces to the southeast town. This will be the direction of your main attack (reversing this strategy may well work also, but as I didn't do it that way, I don't know for sure).
    5. Gerrik
      Final map

      Doesn't seem to be an obvious way to edit a prior post, so this is a continuation of the previous post. Send the War Machines to the small town right below the southern gates as defenders, as a few of the worms will get through. Send a catapult and a few of other forces (plus Trillian) to the southwest town. Take both towns as quickly as you possibly can.

      Once the southern gates are closed, set up a defensive post just south of the choke point north of the southwestern town, just out of range of the evil tower inside the gated area. Move the War Machines here as they will be your main defense when the inter-dimensional creatures (very tough) come down this side. Hide the catapult in the forest just west of the war machines. The idea is to let forces come through the choke point or the forest to attack you. DON'T go after them. That way, every time they attack you, they will be shot up by BOTH of your wizard towers before they get off an attack. I held this area with the two War Machines, a catapult, a Wizard unit and one dwarf unit.

      Back to your main forces in the east. Move up the far east side at the very edge and take the third town (northeast) as soon as you can. When I say edge of the map, I mean edge. Through the upper forest. Stay away from the main forces until you close the third gate. Try to take the Wizard towers in the northeast next, before engaging the main evil forces. If you sacrifice a unit or two, it's worth it. Remember, Monks and Wizards will constantly respawn from buildings you own if they get killed.

      Once you have taken three towns successfully, you should be able to see how you're going to win. Carefully move your forces west across the top of the map. Try to move in such a way that the enemy has to move towards you but can't reach you in their move, allowing you to get in the first attack. Finally, take the fourth town and towers. Remember, for taking wizard towers, Enzo is best as he has a high magical defense against their fireball attacks.

      After the last town is taken, the final castle becomes active. If you've survived this long, you should have no trouble finishing up and winning the campaign.

      Took me about five attempts to figure this out. Hope this helps. This is a fun iPad game and I look forward to the sequel.

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