Hidden Code Shows Apple's HomePod Could Have an LED Matrix Display

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    BGR writes that app developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who is known for digging around in code to find interesting snippets of information, has been up to his old tricks again and has discovered some code that reveals the possibility of the forthcoming HomePod having an LED matrix display.

    Troughton-Smith discovered the code when looking into the functions of the HomePod’s “+” and “-“ controls, tweeting, “The center part of the HomePod surface appears to be an LED matrix and not just big LEDs—could perhaps display shapes/symbols.” He also tweeted the code that he had found and then his followers responded with helpful suggestions of what it all might mean. Another twitter user, Alan Miller, even provided an image that shows how the HopePod’s LED matrix screen might be used to display “basic things like temperature & weather icons.”

    The only factor counting against the HomePod having an LED matrix is that Apple did not mention it when the device was announced, but maybe its keeping this little secret close to its chest until nearer the HomePod release date.

    Source: Apple’s HomePod might be hiding a killer secret feature

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