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    Just to get it out of the way.. I almost chose a netbook over the iPad. The iPad is way more expensive, close to the price of a decent laptop, but I got a iPad. The iPad is a pretty cool device that's somewhat customizable. We can get into the what I like and don't like later on.

    I'm no longer a student. I graduated May 2009. So this iPad is not for school but would of came in very handy. I've been working as an optician for 8 years and still going. Still job hunting for a "career job". The 3 main devices I use mostly is my HP laptop, my iPad and my Blackberry 9780.

    Uses.. (Pros & Cons all jumbled in)
    I use the iPad for a few different reasons, but one of them is quite disappointing. I can't browse my shopping websites becuase most websites I shop on uses Adobe flash! Quite the biggest disappointment when I got my iPad. I check my mail quite frequently but like a few people, I have more than one email so having an icon for only one email is uh, duh! I just have to rely on my Blackberry or my laptop. I've been reading since the beginning the last year starting with Twilight. I browse a lot for books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I don't like to read on a sceen. I prefer a traditional book to hold and to lug around in my purse. The iPad is a bit big and heavy and I only have one purse to fit it. I'm not like most people who like to carry everything they own. I do play games like Farmville, Sudoku, Bejeweled, and Cut the Rope. I'm not crazy enough about Angry Bird even though I do have it. I use it to check my bank account, to browse and save pictures that are to my liking. I do use Facebook and Aim on it a lot. That's about all I can think of for now.

    Other than this being one of the only forums that I have to introduce myself, I hope I did a grand job and hope you enjoy my company (including my rts to opinions and millions of questions if I have any.)
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    Welcome! This is a grand place to learn a lot about iPad. There are some incredibly knowledgeable and helpful people here. I am so very glad I joined and I'm confident you will be glad you joined as well.

    PS: That was not only a 'grand introduction' but a very superior introduction. :D

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