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    Mar 14, 2013
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    I'm a 60 year old female and love gadgets, whether that's in the kitchen or elsewhere. Computer-wise, I started with an Atari ST and so I've had the enjoyment of seeing how far we've come (PCs, Internet, email and now tablets) - in such a short time. I've come here today because I have a question about Siri. I've long wanted a way of being able to list the contents of my fridge and freezer with sell-by dates, so that nothing gets wasted. Since no-one (AFAIK) has invented a scanner for this, I wondered if there was a way of linking Siri to a 'database' on my iPad and then ask Siri what is in the fridge/freezer. Siri can do this with my calendar, music and contacts ) ie. I can ask him to play a song, tell me upcoming appointments or phone someone. Am I asking in the right place? TIA :)
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    Hello and welcome aboard!

    Good question on Siri and certainly a neat concept but I am not sure if it can or can't - hopefully someone chimes in with some thoughts :)...

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