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Discussion in 'iCloud' started by jackson12, Dec 17, 2011.

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    Hope all is well...

    Long story short, my friends and I want to pull a prank on my buddy over Christmas. None of us own Iphones and he dared us with something outrageous (not something I need to discuss here) that we couldn't do something to him over this holiday break. It involves his girlfriend and our girlfriends.

    Long story short, I must ask, when using the I-cloud "Find your Iphone" service, when we enter in the information and click find your iphone, will it alert him that we know where he is? I know it says, wipe the iphone, lock the iphone and make a noise or send a message but we want to be stealthy.

    We just want to be able to us this service (which his girlfriend has accsess to since him and her split the phone service) and find him at an unsuspecting time.

    Again, simple question: When activating on the I-cloud webpage "Find my Iphone", will just clicking on this alert him that I-cloud/tracking has been activated or will it just stay normal/as is and allow us to get him?

    Thanks, his girlfriend will be very pleased if we can prank him. Assuming the prank goes well, the video will be up on youtube and you all can get a great laugh!

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