Here's How Many iPads Apple Sold so Far

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    Apple's new iPads are finally here, and while the iPad Air 2 impresses with this thin profile and performance improvements, the iPad Mini looks just as an incremental upgrade.

    During the launch event, Tim Coo revealed an amazing milestone reached by Apple - the company has managed to sell a total number of 225 million iPad units so far. Last year, Apple announced it has sold 170 million iPads to date, which means the company sold 55 million units during a calendar year.

    Also, Apple's CEO revealed that there are around 675, 000 apps specifically optimized for the iPad. This is something that Android tablets definitely can't boast with, as Google faces big problems in this field.

    Tim Cook also compared the iPad’s performance in Q3 this year to PC shipments and it turned out that the Apple-branded outsold each PC maker out there.
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