Here is something i'm hateing about the whole smart phone data plan's

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    I have rid of the Iphone & Verizion Data plan for the iphone and now useing a Cricket cellphone & it plan for my phone calls that i need because of the cost and not working as much because of beening in & out of the hospital and not beening able to stand for long hour's so work has not been comeing in as much .

    Do you know there is no simple to use Cellphone out there with just a calling package with wifi connect without going to a phone that is a smart phone from All the cell phone company's out there ..

    The cheapest i have found out there is Cricket Android plan with a $65.oo a month that has a Wifi set up fr running your ipad or laptop off of it but you abe to buy the Andriod phone to use it as a Wifi Hotspot for the ipad .. ..

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