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Here are some of the best holiday 2013 deals on iPhones and iPads

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Dec 20, 2013.

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    Jun 22, 2012
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    Lately, we’ve seen quite a few iPhone and iPad deals, as many retailers are offering significant discounts ahead of the Christmas holiday. Recently, we have reported that you can get a free $100 gift card when you buy a 16GB WiFi iPad Mini at Radio Shack and that Walmart is selling the iPhone 5c for $27 and the iPhone 5s for $127 until December 24.

    Now, we have rounded-up the best holiday deals that we could find for iPhone and iPad units. Don’t forget that all the iPhone deals listed below require a two-year contract. Also, some deals are for in-store locations only while others allow online orders, as well.

    iPhone 5s (regular price – $199):

    • $119, 16GB: Walmart (In-store only through Dec. 24)
    • $119, 16GB: Sam’s Club (In-store only through January)
    • $125/$225/$325, 16/32/64GB: Best Buy (In-store and online)
    • $120/$220/$320, 16/32/64GB: MacMall (In-store only through Dec. 19)
    • $150, 16GB: Target (In-store only)
    • $119/$219/$319, 16/32/64GB: Fry’s (In-store only)
    iPhone 5c (regular price – $99):

    • $25, 16GB: Sam’s Club (In-store only through January)
    • $27, 16GB: Walmart (In-store only through Dec. 24)
    • $20/$120, 16/32GB: MacMall (In-store only through Dec. 19)
    • $50/$150, 16/32GB: Best Buy (In-store and online)
    • $50 with $50 Target gift card, 16GB: Target (In-store only)
    16 GB iPad mini (regular price – $299):

    • $260: Toys R Us (In-store only)
    • $299 with $50 Walmart gift card (In-store only through Dec. 24)
    • $299 with $100 RadioShack gift card (In-store only through Dec. 24)
    • $299 with $30 Target gift card (In-store and online)

    iPad Air (regular price – $499):

    Source: MacRumors, iPhoneforums

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