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Discussion in 'iPad FAQ' started by kerivkennedy, Aug 10, 2011.

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    Aug 10, 2011
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    I am the parent of a special needs child (profound delays). She was the recipient of an iPad recently. The tricky issue, is this iPad gift is one that had already belonged to someone, and already has many apps pertinent to the special needs community (for which we are very grateful). Anyhow, because it already has all these wonderful apps loaded, we do not dare connect to our computer, because if we do, and our computer syncs, we would lose all these apps (since they are not on our account).
    What I would like to do, is find a way to keep the apps that are on there, but be able to add to them, with apps that I purchase/download myself.

    Yes, the time will come when I purchase my own copy of the other apps that are on there that are working well for my daughter. We are still trying to determine which ones she can use, based on her skill level and interest. Especially true for Augmentative Communication Apps, and other early learning apps (which anyone who may have used ACC apps, knows they can get a bit pricey).
    Another tricky issue, is one of the apps, already on the ipad - one of the very ones I have considered for her, does not function properly. You open it, and it force closes immediately. (This is Tap Speak Choice, BTW). I've emailed the developers, and they have said if I had the original iTunes login, I could download a new copy easily. But alas, with our situation, this iPad is a gift, and is now my Daughters. I can not readily ask the original owner for their account information (not to mention that sounds really greedy, considering the donation given to our family).

    Can anyone please help!

    Like I've said, I simply would like to be able to
    Be able to add to our current apps, without wiping the existing apps (which number around 200)
    Fix the one app that isn't working (even if we need to re-purchase this one)

    I have an itunes account of my own, but do not have my own ipad (only a 3rd gen ipod).

    (BTW - I also have chronic issues with my own itunes account tossing my library for my ipod).
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    Aug 5, 2011
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    Hi, I have no solution for you being so new to both Apple and iPads. But I wonder if you gave Apple customer care a ring, and explained what you've said here, they might have a solution?

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    You don't need to connect to a computer to be able to download apps. I connected my iPad to my PC on Day 1 - I had no choice - but I've never connected it to my PC since. I download apps directly to my iPad over WiFi or 3G. If you were to do this, then - for sure - there'd be no problem of you 'losing' the other apps. Of course, they won't get updated - Apple's attitude is that you don't own them because the account on which they were purchased is not yours - but at least they won't disappear. Once you've decided which apps are appropriate for your child, then you could purchase those apps on your account and all would be well.

    Also, you can always get a refund for an app that you've purchased and that doesn't work or isn't suitable. Just call the Apple toll-free Support Line with the transaction reference number and they'll issue a refund as a credit to your iTunes account.


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