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    I did a face swap using the snapchat app on my ipad. I chose to save the photo and it gave me two options. I selected the option to save it to collections and memories

    I've tried looking under my snaps, as well as under my camera roll and my photos, but I can't find it anywhere. I also don't seem to have a "Memories" folder in my photos app. I only have photos and albums.

    After doing a bit of research, it seems like the Memories option is only on iOS 10 and I am on iOS 8.

    Am I looking in the wrong place or did it just not save properly?

    I'm considering updating to iOS 10 in hopes that it will create a Memories folder and the photo will magically appear in there, but I really don't want to update unless I am sure it will solve the problem.
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    Are you sure it hasn't been saved somewhere in the Shaptchat app itself. The Memories feature of Photos is not a 'place' where things get saved. It's just an automated generated selection of photos and videos from the main photo library.

    If anything is saved to the Photos app it will be in both the Photos tab and in the All Photos album.

    It is also possible that Snapchat has created a Snapchat album in the Albums tab of the Photos app. Some apps do this. This will be in addition to placing the photo in the previous two areas. I don't have Snapchat, so I can't confirm.

    Edit: Just noticed you said you were on iOS 8, in which case Camera Roll, not All Photos is the correct album.
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