Help! Need to retrieve some lost notes.

Discussion in 'iPad 4 Forum' started by Kiwi Carguy, May 28, 2013.

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    May 28, 2013
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    Hi everyone.

    New to this forum. I have an Ipad 4 supplied to me by an organization that I work for. It has never been synced with my Itunes under the "rules" of the organization. I turned it on today to find that it has been wiped. I'm assuming my 8 year old daughter has done it by trying to unlock it as she didn't know the code. So when I turned it on this morning it was asking me to put in all the settings etc.

    I took it back to "work" and they restored it with the most recent backup they have but unfortunately that was like 3-4 weeks ago and as a result I have lost some "Notes" that I have made that I would love to retrieve back.

    I Googled it and found Tenorshare Data Recovery and also the Wondershare program. I installed the Wondershare first and each time I followed the process the ipad started going into DFU mode therefor disconnecting it from my PC and the system failed. I uninstalled Wondershare and tried Tenorshare but that didn't work either.

    Basically as I understand it I need to restore the info while the Ipad is in DFU in the hope that it recovers my notes. Can anyone help? I've Googled, checked the FAQ's and tried several times, each time making sure I am following the process right.

    Any suggestions appreciated.
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    Unfortunately, your data is lost for good. Once deleted from the iPad, there's no way to recover it. The iPad lacks the PC equivalent of a trash bin, where you can retrieve recently deleted items.

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