HELP iPad thinks it is an iPhone, cannot open most apps.

Discussion in 'iPad 1 Forum' started by thejake551, May 19, 2012.

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    My iPad is jailbroken and NOT running iOS 5. I am having the same problem many others have had where their iPad believes it is an iphone, but my situation is a little different. The apps are small like the size of an iphone, and on the lock screen when i put in my 4 digit password, the keypad is on the bottom right. I can open apps that are for iphone only, and they go into full screen mode without having the x2 option at the bottom, but they work fine. I cannot open cydia, safari, settings, or any other app that isnt specifically for iphone. I am able to open dreamboard. Whenever I try to open any app that isnt for iphones, the screen goes black, shows the apple logo and it starts to reboot. After about 5 minutes it will finally turn back on and it is still the same. Please help, I do not know what OS I am currently running. Thanks in advance!
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    Usually, when this occurs, it's because you have installed some tweak from Cydia that is incompatible with the iPad, either that iPad itself or the iOS version it's running.

    You'll want to get that iPad into Safe Mode so you can go back to Cydia and uninstall the latest tweak(s). That should fix the problem.

    Can you get the iPad into Safe Mode? If nothing you have installed will run Safe Mode, hopefully you have the lates version of Mobile Substrate, which has been updated to give people a default Safe Mode trigger. Take a look at this picture, then follow the process described within to get into Safe Mode:


    The iPad will not tell you it in in Safe Mode once it restarts. However, you will know you are because you can get to Cydia. Once you can get to Cydia, delete the most recent tweaks.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.


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