Help!! I own a business and I need ideas

Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by timmydee90, Jun 26, 2012.

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    Jun 26, 2012
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    So the business that I own, we have many volunteers showing up for each event. They get credit for the events they work at. I need help with an app where I can download everyones information and event schedule to my iPad. I then need to be able to somehow mark that the person has arrived and when its over I need to be able to email myself with the list so I can put it in to a computer after. I know i can do it but it will take many steps, Im wondering if anyone knows how to streamline it and make it easier. I have the app bento, but i dont have a mac so thats the problem with exporting the data. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    Mar 25, 2010
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    Welcome to our forums from Australia. I am sure one of our staff or a member will be able to assist you. There maybe in fact an App that does what you are trying to accomplish.. Benito 2 would be a great option. Hang in there and see what others suggest.
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    The hardest part is downloading everyone's information to the database. What/where exactly are you downloading it from?

    The new Bento 4 app for iPad (on sale) can export data as cvs files via email. As long as all you need is something you can import into another database or spreadsheet, then it will do the job. It will only export the text and logic fields. Media like pictures can not be included in .csv files.

    The new tables view should make it easy to check off items.

    It will also import .csv files through Mail using Open In…, giving you a way to create very basic databases from external sources (which you can modify after the fact).

    That said:

    I don't use it, but HanDBase is another database app. While not as pretty as Bento it does have more export/import options. You should probably take a look at it.

    Though you could probably do what you want with most spreadsheet apps.

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