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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions - Site Assistance' started by shellybellybuster, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. shellybellybuster

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    Mar 18, 2012
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    Please forgive...I have very little idea about the big computer world out there and have only recently switched to MAC.
    I was told that if I wanted to access the web from my ipad away from home I would need a sim card - OK - purchased - inserted - never used of course because it is sometimes months in between use of my ipad....
    I have just charged it up ( attached to itunes) and it is telling me( top LHS )- SOS only..what is this?? Does this mean the sim card has run outta juice??
    Secondly it will not recognise my usual bigpond account password....I have delete the account on the ipad and started it up again but no joy
    What am I doing wrong...I used to be able to get all my bigpond mail and now NOTHING!!
  2. giradman

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    Apr 26, 2011
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    Hi Shelly - welcome to the forum! :)

    Not sure that I can help w/ all of your issues, but your iPad also has the ability to do a Wi-Fi connection - do you have a home network? Whether or not you needed a 3G (i.e. SIM card) is dependent on your wireless needs? For myself, I just bought a Wi-Fi iPad 2 - I have a home wireless network and in travelling to my usual locations, Wi-Fi is always available; so you may want to tell us your options regarding wireless connections?

    Also, please remove your email address from the 'Location' site - spammers and email 'harvestors' will grab that address and innumdate you w/ spam and other nasties - please respond to the comments above and hopefully help will be offered - good luck!
  3. leelai

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    Apr 24, 2011
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    Hi Shelly and welcome to the Forum!

    I see from your email address you are in Australia. As Giradman has said it is definitely worth removing this as spammers would just love to get a hold of it. Here in Australia we can have a a prepaid sim, which we can just charge for when we need it. Is yours this type and when did you get it. It would have come with prepaid data but this lapses after 30 days, so perhaps yours is past this time period and this is why it's not working. Also for it to work you need to activate it in Settings - Cellular Data. Let us know.

    The IPad Forum is a community of members from all walks of life and from all over the world coming together to share our experiences and to help each other learn about this wonderful piece of technology the Ipad. There is a wealth of information already here in the many threads we have so doing some searches will answer most of the questions you have. If then you cannot find the answer you are seeking then by all means post your question. There are many friendly and informed members here only too willing to help you.

    We also have our own App - It is a very simple app to navigate.
    Reading the IPad manual is a great place to start so please download a copy of these.
    2 very informative threads from which you will learn many tips and shortcuts for the IPad.
    We have rules like any Community so please read these also

    Once again we welcome you here and are so pleased you have joined us!

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