Help for cleaning hacked ipad(andiphone)

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    i was wondering if i could get some advice about a hacked ipad 1 with 4.35*I share my carrier sim card with*an iphone 4 that has a micro sim from my wireless provider. *my ipad had *a dummy sim in it that was not activatedfor use with yahoo emails have been hacked muktiple times. *I finally had to delete all my emails and delete the accounts from the devices.I bought some apps to monitor the logs on my phone because of weird *things going on with my ipad and windows computers at home(rootkits that cannot be removed). *when i look in the logs of apps i downloaded, like i syslog and isysloghd, portscan, scany,nice trace, *it says my ipad is an iphone, and has my cell number. *i cannot obviously make calls or text with it though. the apps *also say that my 32 gb ipad Has used the same amount of memory as my 32 gb iphone which is at capacity with 5000+ photos even though it is virtually empty.*I have an extra Carrier in my cellular provider that only sometimes is visible, mostly, no name shows up in settings, the little circle never stops spinning long enough to list it. *i have a few screenshots of a five or six digit number underneath my cellular provider in the list but when i clicked on it, it disappears.*There are references to many things in the logs like alpine, racoon-isakmp port, ipsec phase 2 established, product linked to open SSL, adding remote *and local NATD payloads, cisco unity, black_carrier, usbethernetsharing, printd(notice: connection accepted from local host:631 (Domain), virtual bool IOService, ft_openface d2d initialize, CLTM resetting temps, thermal set decay, awd_3ice libIQ, Airtunes, ###bonjourbrowse, some of my network apps dont work, they constantly crash, saying terminating app due to uncaught*exception attempt*to insert nil value, throwingbinstance of ', *etc etc. *I am listing about 1% of the log words, i am sure that some *of the above are legitimate, im not saying they are all hacked signs, i just dont have *any knowledge about the processes.i have run port scans with apps and there are ports 666,21, 22, 443, 80, 8081, etc. open. *i dont trust my apps *really at this point since i am sure they are safari, regardless of the address i type, all web addresses *will change to begin in http and end in html, htm or php instead of www *if that means anything. *i have tried to change the dns in the wifi settings on the iphone, and the ipad when it is using the iphones network, *but they go right back to these numbers on the iphone . *i am unable to see these settings in my ipadif i trace the route from my ipad oriphone to Google it will take 19 hops to get to it.*i also have more than one bonjour services *setting. it has the apple-mobdev._tcp at port 62078 and also a _link411._udp at at port 666ss= * * di= 3_5G*i wondered how to *get my ipad and iphone clean without itunes because i do not have any backups saved to my computer. i want to save my photos on my iphone(5000+) and the apps and music. *with my ipad iphone jailbroke, but remotely under someone elses control, is there a way to rehack my own devices to fix them? Are my sim and phone number compromised ? *I have never jailbroken these devices they were bought locked to my carrier.thanks!

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