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    Hi I just bought an ipad yesterday and had a couple questions and found this site in a search. My main purpose of purchasing the ipad was to use it as a fun way to learn - specifically Spanish which I am studying at the moment. I am a big fan of computer text to speech (I don't mind the robot voices) and I saw an app called vbookz that reads books to you using the same premium voices I already know and love on my Windows PC. So I have this app and so far I've gotten a flashcard app too and it's really fun.

    What I'd like to do is to be able to use a pop up dictionary while browsing the web and also have the computer read web pages for me (either in Spanish or English). I do this on my netbook pc but the ipad touch interface is so much nicer and the screen is beautiful.

    I'm also keeping an eye out for any other fun learning apps/tools that are available.

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