Hello - Im am new and wanted to let you all know about our new publishers app

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    We have joined this forum to let people know about our new iPad App product called Blotto.

    It is an app that magazine and book publishers can use to:

    1. Have their own branded app
    2. Sell their magazines or books to the ipad audience (esp those books that dont suit epub) through
    3. Sell subscriptions to their magazines (thanks to apples latest release)
    4. Easily publish content via a simple web based CMS.

    Why choose Blotto over Woodwings or Adobe digital publishing tools or even a custom solution:
    1. We are A LOT cheaper to get up and running
    2. We are the custom solution... We have developed this app over a considerable period of time and have taken into account all of the feedback from other options and all of the feedback from publishers as to what they want. This app is the result of many conversations and hours of programming.
    3. The final outcome or finished product of our method or app versus the other options - is the same. Great looking, reflowed pages that can easily contain rich functions such as overlays, stacking, 3D models, video, audio etc etc... all managed via the cms.

    For an example of a magazine that we have just produced using our product, please check out Fast Thinking on the App Store and The Monthly on the App store. Both are free to download.

    I would love to get your feedback on all of this. So please write back.

    Thanks for reading my speel.

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