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    May 30, 2014
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    Good afternoon,

    My name is Andrea and i'm helping a friend to kickstart a project: it's a fantasy strategy game for Ipad, inspired by Wesnoth.

    I'm not sure i'm allowed to link immediatly our website, so i'll wait for the approval of the Moderators before posting the link

    Let me give you a short introduction: Alberto (my friend) has been a passionate gamer for years... many years. We are both old-ish (and italians), let's just say we started playing on the Amiga and one of our favourite games was "Warlords". And of course when Wesnoth appeared we played it and loved it, me on my Macbook and he... on every platform

    After some time my passion for Marketing and analytics data replaced my passion for gaming, while instead Alberto kept playing. He had to move around the world during the years for work reasons and i suppose that strategy games were a nice company while he was away from home.

    Some months ago he reached out to me with a project "i played everything, i want to do something new. My own game".
    He convinced me to take parte in the project... and that's were we are today.

    He want to do a kickstarter and he is trying to put together a team of people to develop the game.

    We could really use some feedback from the people of the Forum: i kindly ask the moderators where could be the proper area to post the links!

    Thanks in advance
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    I'm afraid that we do not allow the announcement of kickstarter projects on iPad Forums, they would be in violation of rule #9.

    9. Posting for charity, fundraising, or research is not permitted.

    With that, this thread is now closed.
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