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    Not really uses to using forums on a regular basis so apologies if I don't always observe 'netiquette'.
    Have just got an iPad at Xmas and am slowly learning about it. Have had an iPhone for some time and wouldn't be without it, although I feel I am not using it to the full limits of its capabilities. Use iphone a lot for eBay - I buy a lot of bargains and it's ideal for sniping wherever I am, but I amy use the iPad more at home for that now as it's bigger.
    I plan to keep the two synced as I use the iphone a lot for work and for my home diary and then back up the iPad onto my laptop for safety.

    I would welcome some opinions as I am sure there are plenty more experienced out there than me. As iTunes backups only a limited amount of stuff apart from the music: what do you do about the rest of the data? Anybody tried a program called Cucusoft for $30 which claims to backup everything?
    Secondly anybody know of any good books which would help me use both the iphone and the iPad to the extreme?
    I was unable to find anything about these in the search section
    I'd be most grateful for any help offered - many thanks in advance!

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