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    My name is… Ninja Jack. I know, my masters are eccentrics. That name’s given me a bit of a complex to be frank – which I could do without, what with my diminutive stature and all.<br>
    It’s a dog’s life, you see, when you’re only 18 inches tall. Put yourself in my paws for a second: You see a table, I see its legs; you sit on a chair, for me its arms are a wall of pain to run into.<br>
    Arms, legs… I was missing out and it got me thinking.<br>
    When I think, I think hard. What else is there to do when Danny and Hanna, my masters, have left me home alone – chase my tail?<br>
    What I needed was a bit of height, and who has height? Danny and Hanna. If only there was a way to pinch their body and legs for a while… Thank dog, sorry God, for the iPad – the answer was staring me in the snout.<br>
    After a brief confab with the neighbour (springer spaniel, bit of a swot) I created Head, Body &amp; Legs. It’s inspired by the game where you draw a head, hide it, and pass it on… your friend draws the body, hides it and passes it on again for the legs to be added. The result is comedy gold.<br>
    But I’m a ninja – I wanted it to be far more than that, it had to bust some serious moves like I can.<br>
    This app can do anything – I can play the game, be an artist, use photos of my friends from Dogbook to make them look a total tool. More importantly I was able to change my life for the better.<br>
    To be taller I chose Danny’s legs (because he’s a wee lad and I didn’t want to go too far too quickly) and Hanna’s body (because I’m a red-blooded dog of a man so it would be more fun that way – you know what I mean).<br>
    I kept my head. Why? Because I’m better looking than those two; I’m a dog and didn’t want a gross-out in the mirror, which I can look into easily now btw; and I’m not giving up this sense of smell for anyone – no high cupboard is safe now.<br>
    Granted, I look a bit weird, but you should see the other two – they’ve got my discarded body parts. I’ve literally created a monster.<br>
    Sniff you soon on Facebook.<br>
    PS: I could catch my tail no problem by the way – Jack is a ninja, it’s in my skill set; I crept up on it, ultimate stealth, game over. A wide-eyed and trembling Hanna’s trying to do that right now…<br>
    Head, Body &amp; Legs iOS app is live and can be download from the app store

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