Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web

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    In March of 1989 Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote a proposal which laid the foundation of what we know as the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web: The Invention That Connected The World - Google Arts & Culture
    The internet already existed but the invention of the World Wide Web allowed computers to directly access documents and information stored on other internet connected computers.
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    NPR this morning had a short piece on this topic w/ an interview w/ Tim Berners-Lee (cannot remember if new or an older one?). Of course, the start of the WWW centered around 'web browsers' - see first pic below of their early history from Mosaic (1993) to Safari (2003) (and beyond - LINK). I had been on the internet before the WWW era, i.e. Windows DOS w/ text-based interface (seems primitive now but was exciting then), then Mosaic (and soon Netscape) came out which we ran under Windows for Workgroups w/ a LOT of difficulty (back then still on dialup) - not until Windows 95 and finally cable internet did all run much smoother - was a frustrating transition. In retirement, switched back to Apple and using Safari primarily.

    For those interested in this history, I finished the book below early in the year - an excellent read. Dave :)

    Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 11.21.11 AM.png Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 11.23.22 AM.png

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