Hacker Working on iOS 7 / iOS 6 Dual Boot Tool For iPhone And iPad [Video]

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    Albeit the usage share of iOS 7 is slowly climbing to more than 90% according to Apple itself, there are many nostalgic users out there who long for Scott Forstall’s skeuomorphic iOS 6. Of course, leaving aside the design, iOS 7 comes with plenty of new important functions, so the best way to get the most of these two is to dual boot them. But, we all know how “closed’ and strict iOS is, but, nonetheless, a famous hacker is apparently ready to unveiled the very first iOS 7 / iOS 6 dual boot tool for iPhone and iPad users.

    Hate iOS 7’s visual aesthetic, but have apps that require iOS 7 to function? You should do what famed jailbreaker winocm did — hack his iPad 2 so it triple boots between iOS 5.1, iOS 6.1.3 and iOS 7.0.6! Well, okay. You got us. The elite skills necessary to hack your iPad to dual boot operating systems is beyond the ability of most of us mortals, and it’s unlikely winocm will ever make this process friendly for the everyman. Still, wouldn’t you love if your iPad could do this?

    As you can see in the video for yourself, famed jailbreaker winocm is apparently ready to release to the public this unique tool. He has “confirmed” this recently on with a tweet to one of his followers, saying that soon everybody will be able to dual boot iOS 6 and iOS 7. But obviously, you will have to jailbreak your iDevice to be able to run it. So, would you be willing to risk the security of your iPad or iPhone for such an exquisite utility?

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