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    Be a hero. Start with a dragon, make him stronger and rise up against the corrupt boss and his minions. Defeat the boss to gain control of the realm. Your goal is to reach the last realm and conquer Angelo the head boss of the game. The more you beat the boss the more chances you have to gain another dragon. You can train and equip them or make them explore and find the map of your dragon area. Play against real people to better your skills in PVP. You also can chat to gain strategic ideas on how to beat the bosses. Train the hero's and save the dragons. Haypi Dragon awaits you!.

    • PVP is where you can fight with friends and challenge others. it can support up to 4 Vs. 4 in one fight. PVP has many maps to keep the game interesting. In addition you can make your own room with a password to make sure your friends join you and not people you don’t want there.
    • Play mode is where you can play against computer and its very hard and challenging if you want it to be. There you will find the Bosses where you will need the help of your friends or members that you can invite to play with you to beat them. You will receive many stones, VIP cards, money, EXP for both dragon and level and more in this more. there are 4 fun and challenging zones to beat! with 5 boss levels.
    • Dragon Eyrie is where you can train your dragon. With VIP that you can receive for free you can use the other slot to train two dragons at once.
    • Magic Matrix is where you can equip your dragon with stones to make it stronger to beat friends and the computer.
    • Synthesis is where you make your stones stronger by merging 3 stones together.
    • Explore is a place for your other dragons to go looking for treasure and map pieces, this also makes them stronger by receiving EXP and money. it has 10 places to explore in.
    • Warehouse is where the Stones, VIP cards, Keys, and Chests are, there you can open chests, sell things and also there is a tab for the treasure map where you can see how close you are to get 200 coins and if you are the first on your server you get 100$!
    • News is where you can see whats up with Haypi and there compilations and sales. I recommend checking from times to time.
    • Mail is where you contact members and get letters from the system, Do not forget to get the attached presents in the attached section!
    • Rank has three tabs Player level, Honor and PVP. To get Honor you need to beat people in PVP to get PVP you need to play PVP and beat people who are close to your level, the hgher there level the more points you get.
    • Dragon is where you can check out your dragon strength and to improve its skills and abilities.
    • Friends is where you can add people and see there online status and mail them.
    • Chat is where you talk to your friends and get help. In addition there is Private chat if you don’t feel convertible asking in front a lot of people or you just want a one on one chat.
    • Info is where you know your level and your achievements. Remember that you get EXP and money and honor from calming your achievements. you can also see your VIP time and server number.
    • Shop is where you can buy items with Coins or with Honor and this is a great advantage for none coin buyers. In honor which is very easy to earn you can buy things that you need and have hard time to win.
    • All this for free! Its a great game for the price! I really recommend it.
    You can get the app by going to the apple store or going to Haypi's website
    you can go to haypi by putting [Moderator edit: Removed reference to external business site. BTW, this need to moderator this post is the reason for (1) our rules and (2) why people can't post links right away. Please read the rules!] (sorry for putting spaces in the url because the forums ownt allow me to put a url )
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