Gorillaz to Release Free iPad Album on Christmas Day

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    Following on from Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn’s announcement a few weeks back that the band had recorded the bulk of their forthcoming CD on his iPad during their US tour, he has now confirmed in an interview with Australian newspaper the Courier Mail that the iPad-recorded album will be available for fans to download for free on Christmas Day, as the last square on their advent calendar, with a video for one of the songs, as yet unnamed, to be released on Christmas Eve. Albarn also reiterated that the album was recorded in its entirety on his iPad, without any traditional studio recording equipment being used whatsoever.

    The animated band is the highly successful result of the creative collaboration between Blur frontman Albarn and Tank Girl illustrator Jamie Hewlett. Let’s hope the album actually sounds good, as it's pretty amazing to think of a major band releasing an album recorded solely on an iPad! Nice touch to give it away for free too.

    Source: Gorillaz fans are set to get a free album to download on Christmas Day | Courier Mail via MacStories: Gorillaz Will Release Their iPad Album For Free On Christmas

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