Google’s free Zagat app is now available for iPad users

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Dec 22, 2013.

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    Many users of the mobile Zagat app don’t know that the service was actually established by Tim and Nina Zagat back in 1979, so it carries a big expertise in rating restaurants and other dining places. Six months ago, the native Zagat for iPhone app has been released and now, Google has updated the restaurant guide application with support for iPad devices.

    Besides support for the iPad, version 2.0 of Zagat brings Charleston, South Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee as new locations. Also, the ratings and reviews for hotels and shopping establishments in each city function is now available. Zagat also integrates restaurant reservations through OpenTable; and Apple has did the same thing, adding it to Siri last year. Follow the direct link from below to download Zagat from iTunes to your iPad and start discovering the best places to eat.

    Source: Zagat on iTunes
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    Thanks for the heads up on the Zagat app - just downloaded it to my iPad - we have some upcoming trips to Charlotte, Charleston, & Nashville - tried to look up some of our 'usual favorites' in Charlotte & Charleston (have not been to Nashville in a while) and 2 restaurants in each of those cities were not listed in the Zagat app, so there are some limitations regarding both the number of eateries listed and of course the limited selection of cities.

    For those liking 'foodie' apps, I would strongly suggest adding Yelp - covers a lot more restaurants & cities/towns; now the ratings are by customers but I've found that the overall grades pretty accurate and reading the 'negative' comments helpful in deciding on a visit; and BTW - the 4 restaurants mentioned in my opening above were present in the Yelp app. Dave

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