Google to Launch Play Music ‘All Access’ for iOS this month

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    Many times, Google’s apps don’t get along quite well with Apple’s iOS devices. We’re not sure if seriously delayed product launches are caused by the different technologies the companies use or it’s just the rivalry.

    Back in May, this year, Google has announced the Google Play Music ‘All Access’ streaming service for 10$ per month. The service is offered through a web application for users from 19 countries and mobile apps are available only for Android users only. This is despite the fact that Android chief Sundar Pichai promised that a native iOS app will be available only weeks after the launch of the Android one.

    Now, according to a few sources aware of Google’s plan​​s who spoke with Engadget,the Mountain View giant is finally going to launch a native Google Music ‘All Access’ app for iOS users later this month.

    However, until we see the official app from Google, users will continue to use third-party clients like the gMusic app which has been updated to support the streaming service. With the launch of the iOS Play Music app, Google wants to take on such services as Spotify and Rdio.

    It will be interesting to see whether current Apple users that are using the latest iTunes Radio streaming service will be curious to try out Google’s iOS app as it allows to search for particular songs whereas with Apple’s service you are limited to radio stations.

    Source: Engadget


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