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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Kevin43, Sep 1, 2013.

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    I had to Uninstall my google chrome And Reinstall it . now in the Process I Lost All my saved bookmarks. I Signed in with the same Email address and Password that I had Before Uninstalled it. What could've happened to them ? Thank you
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    Hello Kevin,

    Have you tried accessing your GC account? You can manage your settings. Bookmarks etc through the Dashboard facility in you account.

    These are the steps I followed on my PC - I expect they are the same on an iPad (I don't have GC on my iPad)

    Sign in to your email account.
    Click your user name.
    Select account in the drop down box. An account overview window should open.
    Click onto Dashboard.
    Scroll through to Chrome Sync. You should see the total of the number of bookmarks in your account and when they were last synced. Click onto Manage Chrome Sync. Check and set your preferences.
    Scroll onto other items you wish to manage and carry out the required steps.


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