Going to Europe and Need Help Deciding Between an iPad Air 2 and Iphone 6 Plus.

Discussion in 'iPad Air 2 Forum' started by Dont Know Much, Mar 24, 2015.

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    I am going to Europe and am interested in purchasing an iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6 Plus. I am having trouble deciding because I am vision impaired (legally blind) and just don't know which would be best. I am currently using an iPhone 4S and an Ipad 2 but I very much want to upgrade. I would like to be able to communicate with my family at home in the US. What would be the best method? Facetime, Skype or something else? I am also very interested in taking lots of pictures. I do have time to make my purchase, experiment and learn much about what I decide to purchase. Finally, I will need a case. I prefer one that will protect my investment. Love the Lifeproof on my phone because it is thin, light and strong. I bought my iPad used and the case may be an Otterbox but I prefer something similiar to the Lifeproof. Please take the time to respond and let me know what you think. If you have any other suggestions or comments I would like to read them. Thank you.
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    Since you have limited visual ability, the much larger screen of the iPad might be better. You can increase the size of text on the iPad to make it easier to see and the larger screen would allow you to see more text at one time. FaceTime and Skype are available on both the iPhone and iPad and can be used on WiFi and cellular. You may want to consider a WiFi plus cellular iPad if you'll be needing to be online outside the range of a WiFi signal. Just as with an iPhone you can get a local pre-paid SIM card to avoid cellular roaming fees. The iPhone 6 Plus has the best camera in any iOS device but the iPad Air 2 camera is almost as good, but without a flash. I'd advise you to try both of them at your local Apple Store to see which one would work best for you.

    If you decide on the iPhone 6 Plus, you'll want to get an unlocked version in order to be able to use a local SIM card if you want to avoid very high cellular roaming fees. Large numbers of pictures can take up a lot of storage space so you may want a larger storage capacity unless you also plan on taking a laptop with you to which you can transfer photos, freeing up the storage on your iPad or iPhone.
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