Get your recipes organized with Paprika Recipe Manager for iPad

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    We're very excited to announce the release of Paprika Recipe Manager for iPad. Take control of your recipe collection and replace those old stacks of cookbooks with something a litle easier to manage. Paprika lets you easily create your own recipes, save recipes from any website, and organize them the way you want. If you like to cook, Paprika will be the most useful app you've ever downloaded.

    What can you do with Paprika?
    • Add your own recipes: We designed Paprika specifically to make it easy to add your own recipes.
    • Browse for recipes online: Because there are millions of recipes already available online. Automatically download recipes from most major sites.
    • Copy and paste from anywhere: Easily copy and paste recipe information from any website, and save the photo too!
    • Make a grocery list: Add ingredients from selected recipes, as well as your own custom items.
    • Prevent the screen from turning off while cooking: Cause there’s nothing worse than having to ‘Swipe to Unlock’ when your hands are covered with food!
    • Organize your recipes: Customize your categories, manage your favorites, and find recipes with a built-in search.
    • Email recipes and grocery lists: So you can share with a friend.
    Home Page: Paprika Recipe Manager for iPad.
    iTunes Store Link: Paprika Recipe Manager for iPad on the iTunes App Store


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