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    [FONT=&amp]Armor Games’ tower defense game Kingdom Rush is currently sitting pretty at the top of the paid iPad App charts in both the UK and the US, and it’s also currently on sale for $0.99/£0.69 to celebrate the game’s first big update, including the new Ruins of Acaroth stage, so now seems like the perfect time to take a closer look at the chart-topping game. Kingdom Rush has actually been around for quite some time as a popular Flash game, attracting 16 million players to Armor Games’ site in the five months since it first appeared there, so it’s no surprise that this new iPad version of the original game is proving to be such a hit. It’s basically the usual type of tower defence action that we’re all familiar with, whereby you have to build towers in order to defend your territory, only in this case it’s all set in a fantasy environment, with the player using battle axes, paladins and flaming balls of death to defend their kingdom against waves of goblins, yetis, flying gargoyles and orcs, among others. Kingdom Rush’s intuitive touch controls keep the focus on tower construction and upgrades, whereby rather than building a maze of turrets, you get to build your chosen towers in pre-determined locations along the path. The more of the invading hordes that you defeat, the more you can spend on upgrading both your passive and active abilities. The lack of build times means that you don’t have to wait for your purchases to be built, you’ll be able to see them immediately. Aside from a lengthy main campaign, players will also be able to partake in Heroic and Iron Challenges to prolong the game’s longevity. [/FONT]It looks very simple, but deceptively so, as the critics all seem to agree as with one voice that this game is one of the best of the genre.

    [FONT=&amp]Click here to download the game for $0.99/£0.69: Kingdom Rush[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]Source: Armor Games[/FONT]
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    Hmm.. Too good to play

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