Get Into the Retro Groove with PongVaders on iPad

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    [ame=]YouTube - PongVaders Launch Trailer[/ame]​

    If you’re one of those people old enough to remember back when Pong was the state of the art in video gaming, and the idea of two paddles batting a ball at each other was unbelievably thrilling, then this really fun-looking game will be just perfect for you. Combining elements of Pong and Space Invaders, PongVaders features dancing alien forces who you must repel using only your trusty reflective paddles!

    All you need to do to save the earth is rebound the enemy’s shots back at them, but if you get a little careless and destroy a planet, it’s curtains for the cosmos! Build up a super-charged attack by volleying shots between your paddles, and collect a variety of power-ups. You can even tilt the iPad to shift gravity.

    There are 10 levels to master in total, leading up to a titantic boss fight, all set to the music of NULLSLEEP, which appears to be the dancing aliens’ favourite music to bop around too. Very cute!

    Download the game here for $2.99/£1.79 exclusively for iPad.

    Source: Koduco Games

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