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    An Amazing Card Game is now readily available for your iPad.Pyramid Solitaire Plus HD is now available on Appstore with 50 free Promo Codes. Grab your code and download it right

    Check it out on iTunes...!!!

    Please be kind enough to rate and review this app in iTunes or on this post. Also mention the Promo Codes redeemed.

    Here are the Promos Codes:

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    28. 77Y6LNP7ANAF
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    50. 3KLXHNFWKH4K
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    Jan 23, 2013
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    iPhone and iPad Card Games Now Free Available On AppStore – Last 2 Days Offer!!!

    Hi Folks,

    Here we are giving away Paid iPhone and iPad Card Games for Free for a limited time.... get it now.

    Pyramid Solitaire Plus

    Ancient Egypt was a land where lots of card games were popular amongst people there. Trade routes that linked Egypt with Europe made these games popular amongst people who travelled for business. One such game is Pyramid Solitaire.

    Game Download Link:
    Pyramid Solitaire Plus for iPhone
    Pyramid Solitaire Plus for iPad


    Card Wars Pro:

    Card Wars features pleasantly rendered HD graphics and high-class game play will rejoice the entire experience with the card game. Simple UI will aid in playing the card game without any hassle. Bring back the joy of playing card game with Card Wars (Solitaire).

    Game Download Link:
    Card Wars Pro for iPhone
    Card Wars for iPad



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