Generate dynamic lists from other tables in Numbers

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    How do I Generate dynamic lists from other tables in Numbers

    I'm asking for help, not giving directions. I forgot the ?mark.

    I'm a teacher, and I would like a table that looks up the grade achievement for my students, and sorts them into groups based on their scores. The idea is to save me time by generating the lists of students who need extra help with a particular skill or subject, rather than me having to go through a table of scores for 20 kids with marks in 20 different skill sets (math in particular) manually.

    This is a very simplified example of what I'd like it to do.

    Student scores
    Student name - bob - mary - joe
    Math score ------d------d------a
    Reading score---a------b------a

    Students grouped by grade level
    Grade level------A--------B-------C---------D
    Math groups----Joe-----none---none---bob, mary
    Reading grp--bob,joe-- mary---none----none

    I'd like to be able to do this so that all I have to do is change the data in table 1 and it will automatically update the lists in table two, so that if bob goes from d to c his name will move from the D column in math to the C column.

    I was able to something like this with a column of checklists paired with list words that concatenated all the words that were left unchecked, but I needed 42 separate if statements, and it only dealt with t/f, but this new challenge obviously deals with 4 possible outcomes per student.

    Hope you can help. Thanks in advance.

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