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    【 Netease application center 】 exclusive free! Search and download "netease application", the daily limit exemption application high-quality goods timely getting game!
    Attention ,Attention ,the most interesting puzzle game at present is going to turn down its price.If you are user of iPone ,then you can get it for free,but you are others ,you can also get some welfare ,the price used tobe $9.99 now only need $0.99.You can not miss it.Candy link so sweet!!!

    Now I will introduce to you how to play the game.

    Gameplay is simplistic. Drag candies and line up 3 to eliminate the candies and background grid will turn from black to white. You win when all grids switch color. One more thing that definitely will attract you is the game’s sound effects and candies’ spells. Don’t ever overlook the magic power within those little chuckling candies. With built-in slot machine, the game is more resourceful.

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