GALAXY TOUCH: new game for iPad

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    Hi everyone! I would like to present you our new game Galaxy Touch (compatible with iPad and iPhone)

    Galaxy Touch is a game to challenge your coordination, concentration and motor skills. The goal is to hold the moving object with your finger within the given time. There are different levels of difficulty, starting from the very simple ones to more complicated levels.

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    We started to develop apps together with my boyfriend Ivan (he is self-education developer). We do everything by ourselves, starting from the idea of an application, to launching and promotion. We started from a zero and now moving on, gaining experience, and working hard to deliver good results. We have lots of apps coming soon, so we hope to make smth bigger from our small start. That's why we highly appreciate your opinion and feedbacks!
    Here are some promo-codes:
    Yo be honest, we are running out of promo-codes, but will try to share some more soon:)

    Galaxy Touch HD (iPad)
    Galaxy Touch (iPhone)
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