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Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by redfox37, Mar 7, 2016.

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    Recently I was victimized with 'ransomware' that locked up my Internet on my Ipad Chrome, it also froze all the other apps. Calling to the phone number posted revealed an $150 charge to unlock. Like that would be the end of the problem!. I decided to reboot the Ipad. I went to Settings>Reset>and selected 'Erase All Content and Settings'. This reset the Ipad to Day 1. Since I had backed up the Ipad to ICloud, it then restored all apps, data, and settings. The only thing I lost was my downloaded songs from Itunes which I am currently trying to restore, although all my music does 'synch'. So my advice is : backup to the Cloud and tell the hijackers to 'f***off" and reset your device.
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    IPad Chome? Do you mean using the Chrome app on the iPad?

    Sorry to say, but you probably did more than you had to. Clearing the data/history/cookies from the Chrome app and reseting would have probably been enough. Or deleting and resinstalling the app. Sometimes you need to disable your internet connection first. The solution if you are using Safari is similar (except you can't delete and reinstall it).

    True ransome ware, the stuff that can't be gotten around, is mostly a bluff on the iPad. They lock things up using buggy websites, convince you that the iPad is hostage, and hope you'll cave. Since ransome ware on desktop comptures is real, and getting pretty common, this often works. On desktops they sometimes manage to encrypt your backups as well.

    That said, your main message is on target. Do your backups. There are bad people out there, and even if there weren't, plain bad luck can cost you just as much.

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