Future iPads could come with a ‘smart bezel’ to make them feel bigger

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    Apple is a company known to file thousands of patents, but only a few of them turn out to become real products or features. Luke Dormehl from the CultOfMac has discovered a new patent filed with the U.S. Patents & Trademark Office which describes a method for incorporating virtual buttons into the iPad bezel, for carrying out tasks like scrolling.

    The patent is officially entitled as “Gesture and Touch Input Detection Through Force Sensing†and lists Nima Parivar as the inventor, a Senior Software Engineer at Apple. Thus, there’s a real chance that we could see a future generation iPad could with a “smart bezel†able to detect gesture and touch inputs through Force Sensing. It would allow specific virtual buttons for tasks such as scrolling to be incorporated into the iPad’s bezel. CultOfMac describes how the new technology would work:

    So, the new smart sensor technology would detect whether the screen was being touched for action, or simple being held which would allow Apple to continue its trend of shrinking the iPad size. Could we see it as soon as this year?

    Source: CultOfMac

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